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We want to invest in your process! Start with any of our free resources to enhance your journey to growth and optimization. Master evidence-based practices and measure progress through the LifeForce Learning platform.  This is a one-stop resource center providing a wide range of evidence-based skill-building opportunities for high performing individuals looking to build healthy habits.

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Cultivate Your Personal & Professional Well-being

Explore each of our currently available resources below: hover over each (or click) to view details about a given resource including the recommended complementary course. Purchase of course includes access to all resources shown.

Dream Journal

Capture nightly adventures & unlock deeper insights with this immersive Journal.

Understanding Apathy

Dive deeper into apathy's intricacies: Empower change and reclaim passion with this guide.

Introduction to Apathy

Explore the roots of indifference: Your first step to grasp and encounter apathy.

Dream Time Meditation

Dream Time: Guided Audio/Video Meditation. Accompanies the Dream Journal and Mini Course avaialable @TheLeap

Presentations & Meditations

Introduction to Cultural Mindfulness Presentation: Free Dream Journal available here.

Visual Guided Meditation (Only): Free Dream Journal available here.

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