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Team Meeting

Workplace Well-being

tools and practices to build healthier employees & teams.

custom-designed to fit your teams' needs for work-life balance.


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Beyond professional development is the art of integration. How does one integrate balance and wellness in everyday life personally & professionally?
We answer that question.




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Education programs offer knowledge.
Training programs integrate skills.
We offer both.

LifeForce™ Development training prepares professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to address mental health optimization and high-level wellness achievement goals.

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Harness the power of holistic technologies for improved personal and organizational performance.

Awareness & Optimization

In today's post pandemic and social awareness climate organizations often need to evolve. People also have a need to adapt to change and grow. When humans and organizationals need to make meaningful shifts they often look outward. They look toward their environment and 'others' to blame.  LifeForce™ Development uses the method of self-inquiry. Our transformative curriculum allows direct access to both corporeal and personal blindspots. We offer a summary derived from pre- and post-assessment surveys to provide outputs. These outputs help us design a unique high-level wellness strategy. The strategy guides our practice and group work for inter- and intrapersonal optimization. Through breathwork, mindfulness, meditation techniques and gentle yoga we put 'skill into action.' In the end, our unified work improves organizational culture from within. The foundation is now set to grow in balance and harmony.


Urban Interior Design
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completion of this training you will walk away with...


Industry insights from a world-class lead trainer and expert in the wellness field.


A holistic toolkit drawing on the principles of LifeForce™ Development that cultivate and refine high-level wellness and optimal organizational culture.


The ability to achieve and maintain high-level wellness and future-proof your organization by fostering a culture of productivity and organizational resilience.

To fully understand the implications of awareness, one must first acknowledge the crucial point in history that we are living in today. As we enter into a post pandemic work environment the opportunity for inequity could skyrocket if employers & employees don’t pay attention and take action to re-create the best of what we’ve learned working virtually in the office and in hybrid work environments. 


As the dramatic divide between executive and employee relations raise the alarm across all industries—the call to correct our course applies to us all. The time to act is upon us, and increased focus on awareness through proven holistic technologies provides businesses with significant benefits, from cultural awareness to additional opportunities for productivity and development.


  • Your employees have anxiety about returning to brick-and-mortar workplace. 

  • Workers in the organization are experiencing increased levels of anxiety and/or depression. 

  • You desire transformational professional development.

  • You desire unique team building experiences. 

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LifeForce™ Development --a wellness training that identifies & optimizes your state of health, quality of life & productivity through yoga, mindfulness, meditation and breath work facilitation.

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Illness Wellness Continuum 

0     1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10

High Level






Optimal Health

Good Health


Poor Health


LifeForce™ Development Curriculum>>>

Health Management>>>

  • In need of multiple medications.

  • Unprocessed-Trauma.

  • Low-resiliency.

  • Poor quality of life.

  • Declining potential.

  • The organization has limited function.

  • Social isolation.

  • Zero productivity.

  • Symptoms.

  • Trauma aware (non-active trauma plan.)

  • Drug therapy.

  • Surgery.

  • Losing normal function.

  • Limited contact between employees.

  • Productivity is an overwhelming struggle.

  • Absence of symptoms.

  • Active trauma plan.

  • Nutrition-inconsistent.

  • Sporadic exercise.

  • Health not a high priority.

  • Basic relationships.

  • Basic outputs.

  • Regular exercise.

  • Trauma-resilient.

  • Good nutrition.

  • Wellness education & some practice.

  • Minimal nerve interference.

  • Consistent engagement and sense of belonging with people.

  • Meets productivity goals.

  • 100% function.

  • Resilient.

  • Preventative care in practice.

  • Continuous development.

  • Active participation.

  • Wellness lifestyle.

  • Relationships are buttressed by clear communication and reciprocity.

  • Exceeds productivity goals.

Throughout this training, you’ll explore various enrichment activities for maximum awareness and performance. The following are included in your online & in-person learning journey:

Group Workshop



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Life force development.png

Self-Assessment Survey

Gentle Yoga


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Over the duration of this training, your team will work through the following modules:
(Modules are 2-3 hours in duration.)

Module 1
Understanding and Optimizing the Brain and Body
Discover the impact of high-level wellness as an individual and group. 

Module 2
Neuroplasticity: Rewiring Your Brain
Discover how to rewire your brain and manage your emotions through breathwork.

Module 3
Brain Agility
Investigate your critical thinking approach and habitual tendencies.

Module 4
Maximize Your Brain: Building Mental Resilience
Discover how mental resilience can boost your thinking skills, energy, and productivity.

Module 5
Visualization and Action
Explore the power of visualization and how to put that into action; transform words into being through indigenous journeying.

Module 6
Putting It All Together
Discover how to harness high-level wellness  and optimize Modules 1-5 into an individual wellness plan. 

Modules may be organized according to group development needs, but all 6 must be attended  for complete training results.

Founder & Lead Trainer

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Changa Bell is an American author, experienced RYT +500, and mindfulness expert with over 22 years of experience. He is often considered a 'cultural activist'. Bell is one of the nation's leading behavior change strategists and has empowered men and women around the world through his life development program, LifeForce Development™ and LifeForce Development for Women™, two books, and public speaking engagements. Mr. Bell is a Georgetown University Certified Health Coach and has been an Executive and Life Coach for over 10 years. He is the owner of Sunlight & Yoga LLC. He is also, the Founder and Chief Yoga Officer of The Black Male Yoga Initiative, Inc. In his role as a cultural activist and human developer, Bell touts several accolades. He was a Black Enterprise Modern Man. He received the Presidential Service Award from President Barack Obama, A State Resolution from Senator Chris West, two City Resolutions from Baltimore, one from Delegate Carl Stokes, and another from City Council President Jack Young. Bell has additional features in People Magazine online, Men's Health, and The Root, along with a television appearance on Good Morning America. On days when he isn't supporting personal transformation and growth, he may be found at 'The Bell Valley Homestead', where Changa practices permaculture and homesteading. Even here, in his daily life activities, he focuses on sustainable growth systems for advancement, evolution, and efficacy.

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