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Inner Well-being

Custom tools and pointed practices to build a healthier you. A unique fit for your life balance goals.

Beyond personal development is the art of integration. How does one integrate balance, endurance, resilience, sustainability, and wellness into everyday life?
We answer that question.

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for Women

Education programs offer knowledge.
Training programs integrate skills.

We offer both.

LifeForceDevelopment™ for Women is training for women only. Due to my years of professional and personal experience, I created a dedicated space for women to explore and express their unique journeys away from the general public's gaze. “Woman-Centered Work" is more than a page here on the website, it is a practice. It is a mindset, a space for listening, doing, and non-doing. Our sanctuary is designed to be a safe haven where vulnerability, emotions, and expression are embraced without fear of judgment. Events are facilitated by, Changa Bell, a professional, expert life coach, with over 10 years of experience. Changa is also an expert-level yogi with over 20 years of experience. Participants are guided through methodologies and holistic practices tailored for profound self-improvement. Here, every woman is supported to uncover her hidden strengths, question her mind, navigate her challenges, and move forward on a path of holistic wellness and enhanced leadership development.

Harness the power of holistic technologies for improved personal and organizational performance. Lead with resilience.

Empowered Balance: Cultivating Women's Intrinsic Strengths

Women in leadership navigate a tightrope of expectations—required to outperform while often undervalued. Amidst this, emotional acuity is misconceived as vulnerability, thus amplifying their challenge. Our program, LifeForce™ Development for Women, is a bastion of transformation, attuned to a woman's journey. It elevates emotional balance, mental clarity, and adaptability.

Key offerings include:

  • Self-Inquiry and Empowerment: Delve deep to reveal and nurture your emotional intelligence and leadership insight.

  • Performance-Based Executive Coaching: Strategic techniques for achieving sustainable work-life harmony.

  • Holistic Techniques: Breathwork, mindfulness, meditation, and yoga form the cornerstone of our restorative practices.

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completion of this training you will walk away with...


Enhanced Self-Awareness & Emotional Intelligence


Strategies for Sustainable Work-Life Harmony


Tools for Personal & Organizational Resilience

Our training marries the transformative insights of diverse disciplines. We utilize self-inquiry techniques along with academic models for change such as the SCARF model or (PACT) Polarity Approach for Continuity and Transformation. These adaptive principles create a holistic blend designed to enhance a woman's existing leadership qualities with resilience, and the ability to embrace change as an opportunity for innovation. Equip yourself with the tools for endurance and vision, to shape a future where balance, inclusivity, and empowerment are at the core of both personal and organizational success.


you if you're seeking a safe space to explore self-care and holistic well-being, tailored specifically for black women in leadership. It's designed for those who face unique challenges and wish for a community where vulnerability, strength, and leadership intersect. If you're looking for personalized learning experiences, transformative retreats, and workshops that prioritize health, wellness, and a gradual awakening to your fullest potential, this journey awaits. Embrace an environment where your leadership is nurtured through introspection, resilience, and empowerment. We will use my patent-pending, original model, The 3-Act Structure for Dialogue Circles, to unearth blind spots, discovery shared group values, and explore emotional territory. Then we will create solutions and leave with new tools for dynamic self-improvement using the SCARF model or PACT Model for change.

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Throughout this training, you’ll explore various enrichment activities for maximum awareness and performance. The following are included in your online & in-person learning journey:

Group Work



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Self-Assessment Survey


Gentle Yoga



Over the duration of this training, your team will work through the following module pathways:
(Modules are 2-3 hours in duration, we break an hour for lunch and personal reflection.)

Pathway I

Focuses on physical and mental well-being aspects. This pathway encourages participants to engage in practices that restore and revitalize their body and mind.

Module 1: Embodied Leadership through Gentle Yin Yoga

We introduce the principles of Yin Yoga as a tool for emotional balance and stress reduction. Yin practice has proven neurological benefits, lowers blood pressure, and enhances emotional regulation.

Module 2: Transformative Breathwork for Emotional Mastery

We explore the power of breathwork.  Breathwork has been scientifically proven to rewire the brain for better emotional management. This is a fundamental concept of neuroplasticity. Discover how to rewire your brain and manage your emotions through breathwork.

Module 3: Cultivating Inner Peace and Strength through Mindful Meditation

Cultivate skills in mindful meditation that enhance cognitive flexibility, boost emotional resilience, and increase self-awareness and self-compassion. This practice is grounded in neuroscience findings on meditation's impact on the brain. Investigate your critical thinking approach and habitual tendencies.

Module 4: Nurturing Community and Connection

We create a supportive community where participants can share experiences and strategies for overcoming challenges specific to black women in leadership roles. Furthermore, we have a built-in sense of belonging and collective empowerment. Through group coaching and facilitated discussion groups, we commit to an honest open dialogue centered around actionable items for change.

Pathway II

Incorporates a broad approach to transformation. This pathway encompasses emotional intelligence, resilience, and the practical application of these skills in leadership and life challenges.

Module 1: Foundations of Self-Inquiry and Emotional Intelligence
Participants explore the concept of self-inquiry as a tool for boosting their emotional intelligence (EQ). In today's cultural landscape, emotional intelligence is critical in leadership and personal development. We engage in interactive workshops on EQ assessment, undertake a reflective journaling session, and have guided group discussions using self-inquiry as a tool.

Module 2: Navigating Polarities in Leadership and Life 
This module introduces the concept of polarities or dualities that exist in leadership and life, emphasizing the importance of balancing competing demands and perspectives. Explore the power of high-level Executive Coaching. We will use SCARF and Polarities of Transformation Models to create a paradigm shift in understanding. This profound shift comes from inside and is self-realized through the coaching process. 

Module 3: Designing a Science-Based Transformation Plan
Participants will learn to create a personalized, evidenced-based plan that integrates wellness and goal-centered practices into their daily routines to support ongoing transformation and growth. By the end of this module, participants have a clear, actionable plan that integrates transformational practices into their lives. These practices align with their goals for personal growth and leadership development.

Module 4: Application and Integration
Apply the principles of transformation to real-world personal or leadership challenges, using a balanced approach to navigate professional excellence and well-being. Scenario-based learning exercises, role-playing, and coaching sessions apply transformation principles in practical contexts. The reflection and integration sessions help consolidate our learning and solidify integration and use of the knowledge and skills gained for implementation beyond the program.

Modules may be organized according to group development needs. Modules may be taken in part or whole. However, all Pathways should be completed as a whole and in their entirety for complete and optimal training results.

Founder & Lead Trainer

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Changa Bell is an American author, experienced RYT +500, and mindfulness expert with over 22 years of experience. He is often considered a 'cultural activist'. Bell is one of the nation's leading behavior change strategists and has empowered men and women around the world through his life development program, LifeForce Development™ and LifeForce Development for Women™, two books, and public speaking engagements. Mr. Bell is a Georgetown University Certified Health Coach and has been an Executive and Life Coach for over 10 years. He is the owner of Sunlight & Yoga LLC. He is also, the Founder and Chief Yoga Officer of The Black Male Yoga Initiative, Inc. In his role as a cultural activist and human developer, Bell touts several accolades. He was a Black Enterprise Modern Man. He received the Presidential Service Award from President Barack Obama, A State Resolution from Senator Chris West, two City Resolutions from Baltimore, one from Delegate Carl Stokes, and another from City Council President Jack Young. Bell has additional features in People Magazine online, Men's Health, and The Root, along with a television appearance on Good Morning America. On days when he isn't supporting personal transformation and growth, he may be found at 'The Bell Valley Homestead', where Changa practices permaculture and homesteading. Even here, in his daily life activities, he focuses on sustainable growth systems for advancement, evolution, and efficacy.

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