3 Insights for Success

In business, it's often said that three things matter most for success — location, location, and location. Holistic health has a similar triune axiom — prevention, prevention, and more prevention. Within holistic health, the system of yoga can be a key factor in creating success in life, especially now.  At no time is the philosophy for prevention and maintenance more important than now amid the COVID-19 health crisis. The “Corona Pandemic”, coupled with the stress of race and economic tensions across the United States, has created a season of change that many are not prepared to weather. Similar to the underpinnings of business, and socio-economic structure, it is the systems of health that increase efficacy and efficiency to help the human body thrive and grow. Furthermore, it is a personal system of wellness that provides mental stability, clean blood, a strong body, a healthy appetite, a nutritious organic food diet, and a life that has reduced suffering ( suffering which in itself stems from poor self-habits). After all, holistic health is true wealth — it fosters personal focus, an unfettered mind, and tenacity, which give way to economic abundance.  With yoga, we may become healthy, and to be healthy is to be wealthy, wise, and ready.